Artist in Residence: Ian Nesbitt

As LU Arts artist-in-residence, Ian Nesbitt will look at how and where we do our learning, in the context of the university campus and its relationship with the town of Loughborough. Working alongside students on the Action initiative to make links with the organisations and people they support in Loughborough, he will invite those people into the university to share their knowledge and interests via a series of short talks and/or podcasts called 'Tell Me Something I Don't Know'. All students are invited to do the same. These could be presented by audio recording, film or in person by short presentation. The project seeks to democratize learning by offering an equal platform to all types of knowledge – an alternative education platform within a formal education setting.

Ian describes himself as a social artist, which means that his work often takes the form of engaging in social situations through collaboration with individuals, communities, organisations and institutions. An interest in social change and social justice runs through his work, which is why he feels that working with the Action group of students is a good fit.


Loughborough University Arts

Martin Hall Building

Loughborough University

Loughborough LE11 3TU, UK

01509 222 948