Co-Lab: Anna Barham & Ahren Warner on writing, performance, poetry

Wed 30 January, 11:00am - 4:00pm

Venue: Fine Art gallery space

3 deposit required

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With a practice that incorporates writing, video, drawing, sculpture and performance, Anna Barham’s work interrogates language’s endless and unruly potential through the bodily and technological operations that act upon it. She is also interested in the relationships between objects, technology, capitalism and nature. Ahren Warner is a researcher, artist and poet based in the School of Arts, English and Drama. His work explores the relationships between poetry, the visual arts and new media. He is the author of several books of poetry.

The workshop:

The first half of the day will involve Anna in taking a ‘reading group’ in which participants are reading a set of texts that Anna and Ahren will provide, whilst a voice-recognition system prints out the dictation of what they are saying, complete with all the misunderstandings, mistakes and misreadings this will produce. There will be some time at the end of the morning’s session to reflect on this. The print-outs that are produced will then serve as the material for the “writing group” in the afternoon, where participants will work to produce “new” texts, either considered as creative writing, poetry, art-writing, or simply texts, that navigate all the productive lacunae on offer from the material produced by the morning group.


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