DIY Guitar Workshop for Beginners with Rachel Aggs

Wed 27 February, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Opening times: 2-4pm

Venue: Music practice room behind Cope Auditorium

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We’re really delighted to have guitar hero Rachel Aggs running a workshop for us! It’s open to all, regardless of ability/style, and we’ll have some guitars if you don’t have your own (though please bring one if you do!). As guitarist in Shopping, Sacred Paws and Trash Kit Rachel has produced some of the most exciting music of recent years, earning plaudits from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The Quietus, and winning 2017’s Scottish Album of the Year award. She’s also spoken eloquently about her experiences as a queer woman of colour in the music scene. And her workshop looks great! It’ll reject the guitar as a macho power-tool/phallic symbol, enabling you to improve your confidence by writing riffs/songs and performing live! Rachel will offer examples of her favourite self-taught guitarists and some inspiring LGBTQ, women and POC guitar heroes!!

The focus will be on having great ideas and making cool sounds, not on technique or right/wrong ways of playing - cus guess what? There is no wrong way! Even if you have never touched a guitar before, please come down and try it out! And if you have, you might unlearn something so you can learn something new! Let's make a mess! 

We will cover and rethink the basics:

- How to make sound come out the guitar - how to plug it in, what gear you do or DONT need! 

- Tuning - how to tune by ear + how to use a tuning pedal + experimenting with tuning

- Holding the pick - playing simple rhythms, sometimes one string is all u need!

- Riffs - how to come up with wild riffs using simple scales

- Chords - who needs them? I will teach u the 3 chords I know - now form a band!!


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