Employability and Enterprise

In today’s employer marketplace the ability to be creative is increasingly important.   LU Arts aims to provide you with skills that will help you stand out from the crowd.   We offer a range of activities that are not only fun but also provide you with additional skills and knowledge and help you to think creatively. We also aim to help those students with existing creative skills by supporting them in monetarising those skills through running workshops and selling artworks. 

You don’t need to be creative to have a go at one of LU Arts events. We offer something for everyone, with beginner level, one-off workshops to longer term courses and support. Any engagement with the LU Arts offer is sure to add value to your CV, so go on, give the arts a try.

Creative skill share

Be trained in how to run workshops to share your creative skills with other students – and earn some money! Find out more.

Personal Best

Find out how we can support the Culture and Creativity element of this student development programme.

STEAM and Digital Skills

LU Arts is committed to supporting interdisciplinary working, creating opportunities for students from different schools to come together. This is often via creative workshops that bring together students from different disciplines and with different skills. 

Each year we run STEAM week (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) when we hold a range of workshops and events that use the STEM subjects in creative ways.

We also run longer term creative workshops in digital skills that are open to all students.

Details of any upcoming events in this area can be found under ‘What’s on’.


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