Martin Hall Exhibition Space

There’s an exhibition space on campus!

Based in Martin Hall, on Shirley Pearce Square, the space offers somewhere for you to showcase the achievements of your staff and students.

For university use, you could present your pioneering research project, display highlights from your School degree show or celebrate Loughborough’s latest sporting success.

Where is the space?

It’s part of Martin Hall, on Shirley Pearce Square.

What sort of exhibitions would be suitable?

We want to showcase the breadth of what we do, from enterprise to engineering, science to sport, and art to architecture. We want Schools and Professional Services from all corners of the campus to use the space to display their work, achievements and successes.

Are there any criteria for use?

The exhibition must be good quality, well put together and portray the University in a positive light*. You’ll need to fill out a short brief when you put forward your idea for an exhibition so we know what you’re proposing to showcase.

How big is the space and what equipment does it have?

It’s 56.72m2. The space has glass doors that open out on to Shirley Pearce Square, windows along an adjacent wall and two solid walls measuring 514cm and 632cm. There’s power, computer networking, exhibition lighting, plinths, a built-in projector and a vitrine (glass display case).

Do I have to pay to use the space?

There’s no charge to use the space. However you will need to cover the cost of staging your exhibition, which might include getting work framed and mounted, producing graphics displays, building additional plinths, hiring additional AV equipment, and hiring a technician to assist with the installation. You will also need to factor in the costs of making good the space once the exhibition is finished.

How long can I book the space for?

We’d usually expect an exhibition to be in place for four to six weeks, but we’d be happy to accommodate exhibitions of slightly longer or shorter duration.

Will my exhibition be secure in the space?

The space will be open to staff, students and members of the public on the days and times of your choosing within the booked period. It won’t be staffed, unless you are able to pay for someone to do this. The space is fitted with security cameras that are linked to the University’s Security Gatehouse, but we wouldn’t advise that you include any valuable content in your exhibition.

How can I publicise my exhibition?

We’ll publicise it on the University website (on the news, events and LU Arts pages), through our e-newsletters and via social media. In order to do this we will need the following information: title of the exhibition, dates, opening times, description and a suitable image. Please email this to 

How do I put forward an exhibition for consideration?

Fill in the brief and return it to Nick Slater, Director of Arts, Email:

Further information for bookers, covering practical arrangements, is available here.

* The University reserves the right to refuse to display or to remove an exhibition that contravenes any of the University’s policies and it believes would damage the University’s or the Students’ Union’s reputation.


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