Materials Conversations 3: Rachel Pimm & Daisy Hildyard

Wed 20 March, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Venue: Cope Auditorium


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During February and March the artist Rachel Pimm has been in residence at Loughborough University's Department of Materials. Working with biochemistry, living chemistry and biomimicry, Rachel Pimm’s project asks what makes something ‘alive’. Through a series of experiments with active chemicals, Pimm has examined instances of the organic simulating the inorganic and organic/inorganic hybrids as a means to consider the relationship between ‘life’ and its environment.

For this event, Rachel will discuss her work with the novelist and historian of science Daisy Hildyard. Hildyard is the author of two books: the novel Hunters in the Snow; and The Second Body, a book of essays exploring the relationship between our bodies and the ecosystems that they produce and are produced by. The latter was one of White Review's books of the year for 2018.


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