Music Scholarships

We're delighted to announce that we're now accepting applications for our Music Scholars for the academic year 2019/20. These prestigious awards will be offered to students who demonstrate ability, passion and commitment in music; and who would benefit from support enabling them to develop their skills and knowledge. There are four scholarships for instrumentalists, one for a singer, and one for a singer-songwriter/contemporary solo performer. No formal qualifications are required, and musicians in all genres/styles are encouraged to apply. 

Scholars will be expected to contribute to the musical life of the university through delivering and participating in events showcasing the best of our student talent. For more information or to apply please click here to download the application (download will start automatically). The deadline for applications is midday on Monday 14th October 2019. For our other arts scholarships, please see the dedicated Arts Scholarship page

Our 2018/19 Scholars are:

Joshua Ireland - Instrumental: Percussion

Joshua has been playing percussion since the age of 8 and has been a member of numerous ensembles from school and local bands to national ensembles, including the National Youth Brass Band of Wales. Whilst at Loughborough University, he has continued his music and has joined both Tuxedo Swing and LSU Classical. He enjoys playing both the drum kit and general percussion with both ensembles and hopes to continue playing with them for the remainder of his time at Loughborough. He was awarded the Loughborough Music scholarship and hopes to make a positive impact on the musical life on campus.

Hannah Rayner - Instrumental: Flute

Hannah was first introduced to classical music when she started ballet at the age of four. When she was seven, she began learning the flute. Since then, she has achieved her ABRSM Flute Grades 1-8 and has performed regularly to consistently reach higher-levels of playing. Hannah also studied A Level Music where she explored the theory behind a wide-variety of musical styles and genres and learnt musical composition. 

Since joining Loughborough to study Industrial Design in 2015, Hannah has been a committed member of the LSU Classical Society and Stage Society, where she has enjoyed performing to audiences regularly. Hannah has also had an active role on both committees and feels passionately about widening the presence of both societies on campus. Following her first Music Scholarship Award in 2016, Hannah founded the Loughborough Flute Choir which brought together flautists of mixed abilities and organised opportunities for the group to perform at university events. She also receives subsidised music tuition awarded to her by LU Arts. 

Since joining Loughborough, Hannah has engaged in improving the presence of arts on Loughborough campus and this year, her goal is to make more students aware of the arts opportunities Loughborough University has to offer- both during their university application process and at their time of study.

Ifan Llywelyn - Instrumental: Violin/Trombone

Since a young age, Ifan has been interested in music and has played a number of instruments, achieving a grade 8 on trombone and a diploma on the violin during his time in school. From when  he was 8 up untill he was 14, Ifan played with the NCO (national childrens orchestra GB) and has enjoyed playing in instrumental groups ever since. As a first year in Loughborough, he takes part in both the Tuxedo swing jazz band and the LSU classical societies, enjoying a wide variety of pieces to perform, form Dvorak’s 8th symphony to the Lord of the rings soundtrack. Between terms he is also involved with the national youth windband and orchestra of Wales.

Daniel Moss - Choral: Voice

When arriving at Loughborough University, Daniel joined Stage Society and auditioned for their production of Hairspray where he landed his first ever musical role of Link Larkin. Since then he has been involved in many productions, having played roles such as the plant in Little Shop of Horrors and Jack in Into the Woods. After pursuing music, he was awarded with the Loughborough Music Scholarship last year. Since then he's been involved in several shows and continues to work with LUArts tuition towards his DipLCM in Musical Theatre. He was fortunate enough to be awarded one of the Choral Scholarships this year, so keep an eye out for him performing around campus in a variety of shows, next up is Welfare & Diversity's charity showcase: Loughborough's Got Talent.

Sean Roche Watson - Choral: Voice

Whilst Sean has always had a keen interest in music of all kinds, his formal singing career only started in earnest in his final year at Sixth form after attending an Eton choral course. He then successfully auditioned for his School’s liturgical choir as a tenor, performing major choral works and solos at concerts and various religious institutions around the country (e.g. Westminster Abbey, Winchester Cathedral). Singing with the choir then gave him the confidence to try out for his school musical, performing as the maniacal Beadle Bamford in the School Production of Sweeney Todd, ‘The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’.   Despite wishing to pursue a degree in Engineering, Sean is keen to continue his singing career, expand his vocal capabilities and branch out into new musical genres. To this end, after joining Loughborough University, he has started singing lessons through LUARTs, and has now successfully auditioned as one of the lead vocalists with the Loughborough University Big band ‘Tuxedo Swing’.  Under Jenny Saunder's singing tutelage he was encouraged to apply for the Loughborough Music Scholarship and was successful in obtaining a choral scholarship.

Michael Harry - Singer Songwriter/Contemporary Music

Michael is a gospel music artist who loves to uplift the name of Jesus through his music, and stir encouragement, hope and fun with his listeners. He is a lover of people and is currently undertaking a PhD at the prestigious Loughborough University Design School.

Born and raised in Nigeria, he honed his talent from high school and church, and gradually developed a good vocal range & artistry in RnB, Soul, Pop, Country and Reggae genres. Though he struggled with his musical confidence, with the support of family and friends, he bravely recorded his first studio album in 2009 and another in 2015, along with live concerts annually.

In spite of the loss of both parents, his driving passion is to make valuable impact in the lives of people through his music and lifestyle. Hence, being at Loughborough University has afforded him great opportunities to meet other aspiring musicians, form bands, use practice rooms and dream big. He has faithfully organised/hosted 2 major concerts annually, at Christmas and late-Spring.


To find out about some of our previous winners, watch this video:


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