The Great Halls Bake Off

Venue: Student Halls

Are you into your baking? Do you think you could win a bake off? LU Arts are holding the 'Great Halls Bake Off' whereby students and affiliated students from halls compete to become star baker and the overall winner of the GHBO (Great Halls Bake Off)! With lots of prizes to be won along the way, including baking courses and a whopping £500 you'd be BAKE-ing mad to miss it!

The Great Halls Bake Off will consist of 2 stages:

In the first stage, students within each hall will have the opportunity to compete to be their hall star baker; GBBO 2013 winner Frances Quinn would like those competing to create an edible design:

"I challenge and encourage you to crEATe an edible design inspired by the art and design world. From canvas to cake, gouache to ganache, sketchbook pages to pastry sheets, design with food as you would any other medium. Whether sweet or savoury, vibrant or monochrome, let your taste and colour palette reflect your inspiration and own personal tastes. Think outside of the box and kitchen and most of all enjoy the process as much as the final product crEATed!"

Each hall star baker will win a £50 prize and a free place on a baking workshop!

If you would like to take part, please sign up here: Great Halls Bake Off sign up sheet

Hall Judging Dates:

William Morris: Mon 4 March, 4pm, Common Room

Cayley: Mon 4 March, 4pm, Dining Room 

Faraday: Mon 4 March, 4pm, Common Room

Falk Egg: Mon 4 March, 6.16pm, Common Room

Rutherford: Tues 5 March, 7pm, Common Room

Phase 2:

The star bakers from each hall will be set a new challenge by Francis and this time, the winner takes all! Guest judges will crown the Great Hall Bake Off (GHBO) who will win £500!


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