The Loogabaroogarian's Guide to the Future

Sat 24 October, 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Venue: Market Town Corner


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'Zine' = a DIY, self-published magazine

What will your town look like in 50 years, or 100? Join us for a day of zine-making and publish your visions for the future of Loughborough!

With poet and digital artist Nathan Jones and illustrator Sam Skinner from arts collective Mercy, imagine what Loughborough will be like in the year 2288. Where do people live? How do they get around? What does the town look like? Then, use writing, drawing, and photomontage to imagine how real locations in the town centre would look and function in a cultural tourist guide for the future

Will the future of Loughborough be marvellous or monstrous? You decide…

This event is free to attend and all materials will be provided. It is designed for young people aged 12-15 and parents are welcome to accompany, but will not need a ticket to do so.

The Loogabaroogarian's Guide to the Future represents a collaboration between Market Town and the Loogabarooga Festival. It is one of a number of workshops/seminars that are being organised as part of the current Market Town programme.  They are intended to further investigate the themes explored in the main commissions, and to further engage the local community in the debate about the future of Loughborough. The Loogabarooga Festival is an exciting new annual event celebrating illustrated children's literature. Held in Loughborough from 22nd - 26th October 2015, the festival will build on the town's history as the original producer of the world-famous Ladybird Books.


July 2017

Campus Exhibition

July 2017

Campus Exhibition

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For & Against: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet

For & Against: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet is a collaborative project between Radar and Loughborough University academics Dr Gillian Whiteley and Dr Jane Tormey, RadicalAesthetics-RadicalArt (RaRa).

This engaging programme responds to research into the political pamphlet and the relevance of the pamphlet for contemporary art practice. It has comprised a series of public workshops, a symposium, a Charnwood Museum exhibition and Pamphlet Day, a day-long public event in the town centre. Jane Tormey and Gillian Whiteley are working on a forthcoming edited book, ‘Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer’, to be published in the RaRa series by Bloomsbury.

This exhibition shares elements of this project, including new pamphlets by artists Patrick Goddard, Ferenc Gróf and Rory Pilgrim, commissioned by Radar; a selection of historical pamphlets from the Art of the Pamphlet exhibition; documentation of a series of pamphlet workshops led by artists Freee, Ruth Beale, Ciara Phillips and Little Riot Press and artworks inspired by For & Against workshops led by artists Chiara Dellerba and Sarah Green, and writer Alison Mott.

(Photo from Chiara Dellerba's workshop, by Julian Hughes)


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