Following 2014’s Talk Action programme, Radar extended engagement with DARG (Discourse and Rhetoric Group) with the production and presentation of a new work by Nicoline van Harskamp which continued her preoccupation investigating the global use of English by non-native speakers worldwide, and imagining of the (aesthetic) properties of a future spoken global language.

“Englishes” was a series of video works by Nicoline van Harskamp that explored the widespread use and modification of the English language by its non-native speakers. The series depicted the development of the plurality of spoken English that displaces the perceived position of primacy occupied by dominant strains of the language. It addressed the political import of this linguistic development, and proposed a dissolution of English into "Englishes," co-opting it as a common and ever-growing linguistic resource, as well as a medium for artistic practices.  

Nicoline van Harskamp undertook a series of ‘language experiments’ with art institutions and universities across Europe. In Loughborough, she worked with DARG and produced the video "Apologies and Compliments" that was first shown as part of a major exhibition at BAK in Utrecht, Netherlands (24 September - 20 November, 2016) and at the Center for Contemporary Creation Andalusia in Cordoba, Spain (19 December – 16 April 2017).

To complete her commission with Radar, Nicoline hosted a public event, Englishes - A Conversation, at Loughborough University on Friday 24 February 2017. In this event, Nicoline van Harskamp presented several videos from the series and discussed them with the audience and invited guests.

(Image: “PDGN”, 2016, set photograph by Javier Zuluaga Zilbermann)


Sam Belinfante (Director, Centre of Audio Visual Experimentation, University of Leeds)

Jessica Bradley (Doctoral Researcher, TLANG Project, School of Education, University of Leeds)

Alexandre Christoyannopoulos (Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Loughborough University)

Heather Connelly (Research Fellow, Faculty of Arts, Design & Media, Birmingham City University)

Arianna Maiorani (Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, Loughborough University)

Jessica Robles (Lecturer in Social Sciences, Loughborough University)

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