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Patrick Goddard
Yesterday’s future and the reality of who we actually grew up to be… (2017)

Comprising a sound installation and pamphlet, this commission by Patrick Goddard took Loughborough’s close historical connection to the story of the Luddites as its starting point.

Content derived from interviews with some of Loughborough’s elderly residents about technology, nostalgia and the future was installed into Queen’s Park’s iconic bandstand. The audio recordings also provided the starting point for a pamphlet of the same name produced as part of the commission. This work, which takes the form of a graphic novel is as light hearted and humorous as it is poignant. Two elderly women sit and discuss their lives – their lively and sometimes chaotic conversation jumps from technology, to automated production, to a so called ‘ease’ of communication, to politics and the economy. It is the future they remember that is the topic for ‘Yesterday’s Future’.

(Photo: Julian Hughes)

Rory Pilgrim: The Fertile Ground (2017)

Rory Pilgrim: The Fertile Ground (2017)

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Ferenc Grof: GBP Camouflage (2017)

Ferenc Grof: GBP Camouflage (2017)

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