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Radar presented two commissions with Jacqueline Donachie and Revital Cohen that involved a dialogue between the artists and academics  based within the Department of Sport and Exercise Science. Both of the works responded in very different ways to research around  improving human performance.

Working with Jonathan Folland, a Senior Lecturer within the field of Exercise Physiology, Jacqueline Donachie begun an exploration into the testing and monitoring of athletes , putting herself through the rigorous testing regime undergone by high preforming athletes. The documented process became an installation in the form of a temporary mobile structure at the University which highlighted the contradictions raised around the ‘ordinary’ in a place where excellence is paramount.

Revital Cohen worked with David Fletcher, a lecturer in Sports Psychology to explore the psychological training that is undertaken to improve the mental strength of athletes.  Questioning the relationship between the body and brain Revital produced two photographic works utilising a hypothetical design tool that would allow the mind to be trained through the body choreographing the body into a mental state inspired by the elite athlete mind set.

Revital Cohen

Revital Cohen

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Jacqueline Donachie

Jacqueline Donachie

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Jacqueline Donachie, C. Julian Hughes (4).jpgJacqueline Donachie, C. Julian Hughes (1).jpgJacqueline Donachie, C. Julian Hughes (2).jpgJacqueline Donachie, C. Phil Wilson (1).jpgJacqueline Donachie, C. Phil Wilson (2).jpgJacqueline Donachie, C. Phil Wilson (3).jpgRevital Cohen, C.Revital Cohen.jpgRevital Cohen, C. P Wilson.jpg


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