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Photograph: Phil Wilson

Jacqueline Donachie: Temple of Jackie (Testing Times)

Working with Jonathan Folland in the Department of Sports Science and an expert in exercise physiology Jacqueline Donachie became interested in the testing and monitoring of athletes, and decided to put herself through a rigorous testing programme.  She made notes and documented the process, and subsequently spent a period in the studio developing a series of drawings.  The research outcomes were presented within a temporary mobile structure that documented her process.  The structure was dedicated to the ‘cult of the ordinary’ in a place where ‘excellence’ is paramount.

Jacqueline Donachie is one of Scotland’s most respected contemporary artists, graduating from The Glasgow School of Art’s influential Environmental Art department, which encourages artists to place their work in a variety of public contexts outside the gallery space. She has forged an international reputation for a socially-engaged art practice, with a particular interest in public space.  Her work often involves observing how local people use an area, she then facilitates a place of meeting through the installation of a structure

Revital Cohen

Revital Cohen

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