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Alistair McClymont 


For Nowcasting Alistair McClymont created two new works. The installation Sun and Wind Simulacrum was presented on site at the weather station and involved a series of solar panels constructed by the artist which powered a simple desk lamp positioned inside a portercabin. Drawn to the irrationality of attempting to simulate the weather in this way, the installation created a ‘real time’ response to weather data, amplifying the elements at force.

Moving on from this, Alistair developed Weather Record Player a physical device which played back a years’ worth of solar and wind data gathered from the weather station. A small black box housing a small bulb and fan responded to the data playing back a days’ worth of weather every minute. This extension of the project also exists online as an open source tool, along with a forum to discuss the process of sharing and replicating the hardware.

Alistair McClymont makes night-time rainbows, suspends raindrops in mid-air and creates tornadoes with deceptively simple machines. A UK based artist working in sculpture, photography and video, Alistair describes these as ‘phenomena’ artworks, in which he tries to capture natural, often overlooked occurrences and evoke a sense of wonder. Recent exhibitions include CAM Raleigh, US, CA2M, Madrid; Mexico Gallery, Leeds and Construction Gallery, London.


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