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What makes an object desirable? What drives our emotional attachment to the products we own? Why do we like things? These are all questions being investigated by academics within the University Design School whose research explores how consumers see products as sensorial, emotional and meaningful experiences, not merely as objects to deliver a service. 

Radar invited two artists Jeremy Hutchison and CÚcile B. Evans, to respond to these questions and the research that is taking place within the Design School.  The first commission by Jeremy was presented in January, and work by CÚcile is was exhibited in Loughborough at the beginning of May.

Many thanks to Dr Samantha Porter, Senior Lecturer at Loughborough Design School for her time and support of the project.

To accompany the commission a symposium was held featuring presentations by  CÚcile B. Evans, game designer Holly Gramazio who drew upon her experiences of making work for public spaces, exploring the intersection of game design with other cultural forms. As well as  Mark Selby who shared his research investigating ways that material objects might shape our engagement with personal experiences.

CÚcile B. Evans

CÚcile B. Evans

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Jeremy Hutchison

Jeremy Hutchison

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