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How happy a Thing can be

Loughborough Design School, Loughborough University

Cécile B. Evans focuses on how contemporary society values emotion: its production, hierarchy and representation within culture. She often sources material from fields such as science, film or the internet, and is interested in building structures with no hierarchy.

For Product Pleasure Cécile presented a new two-part work that incorporates both sculptural and video elements. Informed by Real People, a database which explores the relationship between emotion and personal effects, a series of objects have been produced. The pieces are mundane personal items - a comb, a screwdriver, and a pair of scissors - modes of technology with relative immunity to updates and upgrades

These 3D printed sculptures were presented in coordination with a video featuring the same three objects animated to carry out a series of choreographed gestures that imply they were being pushed to their limits. Inspired by tabloid breakdowns, the objects' paths will explore the transient nature of spirit, in both the human condition and the devices that become endowed through our desire for something more. 

At a time where it is unclear whether we define technology or it defines us, symbols of the relationship between emotion and product design were used to anchor the work in a contemporary reality. Extending a core theme of Cécile’s most recent work, How happy a Thing can be investigates how emotions are liminal and create a link between physical and digital realms.

How happy a Thing can be is a co-commission with Wysing Arts Centre. The work has been informed by the design tool Real People, developed by Dr Samantha Porter, Senior Lecturer at Loughborough Design School. Cécile has worked in collaboration with Cay Green to design the objects and been assisted by students Craig Parr and Courtney Taylor. How happy a Thing can be was presented in Loughborough at the beginning of May. 

Jeremy Hutchison

Jeremy Hutchison

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