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Department of Creative Design, Loughborough College of Education, 1977 (Archive)


Radar invited artist Maria Pask to develop a new work in response to research being undertaken around value in different contexts, and more specifically around labour and value.

Over the course of a number of research visits, in which she has spent time looking through the University archives, Maria Pask unearthed archive material relating to the rich history of involving students in the physical development of the campus. In the past they have contributed to the production of furniture and stained glass and even built a cricket pavilion and swimming pool. In response to this history and inspired by quotes such as 'those whose trade depended on a knowledge of art combined with sound workmanship" she has become interested in the link between artist, marketable commodity and embodied practice.

Maria has re-visited this tradition by inviting current University Fine Art students to undertake a series of practical workshops for two weekends in October 2014, in which they have learned how to build an outdoor, wood fired kiln as well as learning skills in woodwork. Through a process of discussion and experimentation participants didn’t just learn making skills, but also decided on what to make. The only criteria was that they needed to produce functional items that could be used within some aspect of the University's operation. Photos of both the workshops are now on Flickr. You can see the photos of the ceramics workshop (11-12 October 2014) here and the photos of the wood workshop here.

As part of the project the website has now been launched,  which is produced by designers An Endless Supply. The website presents archival images alongside documentation of the recent practical workshops celebrating the University’s history of self-sufficiency.

Photos of both the workshops are now on Flickr. You can see the photos of the ceramics workshop (11-12 October 2014) here and the photos of the wood workshop here

Maria Pask is an Amsterdam-based artist whose performance and installation works interpret the nature of collective creativity, empowerment and the live moment. Working with open formats and social structures, her works have been described as a “cocktail of social commentary, political doctrine, ecological soundings, philosophy, feminism, body politics and religion” (Michael Stanley). She has performed and exhibited internationally at, among others, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; Athens Biennale, Greece; White Columns, New York City; W139, Amsterdam; Münster Sculpture Project, Germany; If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution, Amsterdam; Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany; BAK, Utrecht; De Appel, Amsterdam and Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana. She is represented by Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam.

Marianne Heier

Marianne Heier

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