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Sam Belinfante, Rebecca Lee & Xana

(re)composition is Radar’s commissioning programme for 2017/18. Traversing geographies real and imagined, it will explore how music makes place and places make music. Featuring contributions from artists, musicians, researchers, and members of Loughborough’s music communities, (re)composition will consist of a lively programme of performances, compositions, workshops, film screenings and public discussions.

The project draws on research undertaken by Dr Allan Watson in Loughborough University’s Department of Geography. His work explores the connections between the social and economic relations fostered by music; musical infrastructures; and working conditions in the music industry. His book Cultural Production in and Beyond the Recording Studio was published by Routledge in 2014, and in 2017 he organized a conference entitled ‘The Place of Music’ at Loughborough University.

(re)composition continues Radar's previous engagements with the sonic. The very first Radar programme, 2007's  You are the Music Whilst the Music Lasts explored how sound affects navigational perception. 2016’s Market Town, meanwhile, featured ‘Loughborough Records Presents Presence’, a project by the artist-architect Can Altay. This involved the transformation of a vacant unit in Loughborough’s shopping centre into a free-to-use recording studio, and instigated conversations we hope to continue about the town's musical infrastructures. We will also revisit Loughborough University’s archives to explore its musical histories -from the concerts transmitted by Loughborough College Wireless Society in the 1920s through to gigs by well-known touring bands - and engage with musical landscapes across campus, in the town and beyond.

Interrogating and realizing music’s ability to compose and be composed by place, negotiate identities and transport us to new worlds, (re)composition is an ambitious programme of musical, artistic and geographic exploration.

Photo: Radio Research Station, Loughborough University c. 1929

Future Events

Sam Belinfante - To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells
Sat 27 & Sun 28 October and Fri 2 - Sun 4 November 11am-4pm each day
Loughborough Carillon, Queen's Park, Loughborough. For more information here

Past Events

Xana - Disturbing Space

Sat 16 June, Loughborough Town Centre, 11am-4pm. 

Rebecca Lee - Making it up: This moment of June
Sat 9 June, Music Practice Room, Cope Auditorium, 5-6pm.

Music, Movement, Power: Blackness and Sonic Resistance
In collaboration with Loughborough University Ethnic Minorities Network.Thurs 19 April, Martin Hall Theatre, 6-8pm. 

Sounds From a Small Town: Discussion and Live Music
Wed 29 November, Fennel Street Club, 7-11pm.  

Sam Belinfante - Artist Talk
Wed 29 November, James France Building, Loughborough University. 

More information on all past events here.

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is a musician, artist and educator based at Primary Studios in Nottingham. She produces audio works, performance, site-specific installations, film scores, broadcasts and publications.

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Sam Belinfante

Sam Belinfante

Sam Belinfante is an artist and musician making film and photographic work, often in collaboration with with other musicians and composers. His practice incorporates curating, sound, and performance.

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Xana is a live loop musician, sound designer, composer and poet - often working collaboratively with other artists, researchers, theatre practitioners and filmmakers.

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